Unite To Study the Seven Universal Principles

A timeless and contemporary message for all humanity

The Seven Universal Principles are based on a Divine code of conduct that was revealed by the Creator to the early generations of mankind. They contain a message and life-view of kindness, faith and morality that is the foundation for all true goodness. If a society forgets and abandons this message, it will find itself on a path to disintegration. When people value these principles and observe them, they are partners with our Creator in making the world kinder and more peaceful and unified.

Unite To Study, a project of the Unite The World* organization, provides a platform for global awareness and education in the Seven Universal Principles. These principles correspond to the Seven Laws given to Noah as recorded in the Bible. Our knowledgeable, enthusiastic teachers offer courses on subjects in the areas of foundational concepts of the Seven Universal Principles, Biblical texts, deeper understanding of G-d and the spiritual realms, and righteous conduct and perspectives.

To apply to register for any of our live Zoom courses, please go to our Courses page. You can then choose a course subject of your choice, starting from the introductory course for the novice, to the "Understanding The Noahide Code" for those who are advanced in their study of the Seven Noahide Laws, and then register for any available teacher and schedule. Generally, our classes are taught once per week for 30-45 minutes. You will also be able to view previously recorded classes you have attended.

We look forward to your participation in Unite To Study, and to bringing more inspiration and meaning into your unique mission in life. When you discover, contemplate, and share the knowledge and life-messages of the Seven Universal Principles, you will be making a positive impact on the future of our world.

*Unite The World is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to advancing humankind to a state of peace, kindness and unity based on the Seven Universal Principles. Our Unite To Study program relies on the generosity of our participants and sponsors to make this service available to everyone for no fee.

We look forward to connecting with you! Please reach us at:

Unite To Study | P.O Box 1123, Wilkes Barre PA, 18703 | EIN 85-0572851

The Seven Universal Principles

1. Recognize the Higher Power

2. Respect the Higher Power

3. Respect All Human Life

4. Respect Family Relationships and Marriage

5. Respect the Property and Rights of Other People

6. Respect all Living Creatures

7. Respect and Uphold a Righteous Judicial System

Our Team Members

Rabbi Yossi Schulman

Executive Director

Pennsylvania, USA

Advisory and Oversight

Rabbi Moshe Weiner

Halachic Authority, and Author of Sheva Mitzvos Hashem, The Divine Code, and Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge


Rabbi Yehoram Ulman

Senior Member of Sydney Rabbinical Court



Dr. Michael Schulman, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Ask Noah International


Rabbi Shimon Cowen

Executive Director, Institute for Judaism and Civilization


Lecturing Team

Rabbi Tuvia Serber


Rabbi Dov Goldberg

Ontario, Canada

Rabbi Eli Schulman

New York, USA

Rabbi Sholom Ber Bloom

Pennsylvania, USA

Mrs. Rachel Fajardo

New York, USA

Mr. Christopher Bell

New York, USA

Mrs. Jecinta Njambi


Mr. David Chadwick

Tennessee, USA

Mr. Bill Hicks

Florida, USA

Mrs. Chrissie Seaton

Queensland, Australia

Unite To Study is dedicated in tribute to:

Chaim (Howard) and Leah Reisner o.b.m.