By the Grace of G-d

Unite To Study

Dedicated in loving memory of Chaim and Leah Reisner o.b.m.

Unite To Study is a global project that invites people of all nations to participate in courses based on the Seven Universal Principles and their lessons for achieving a truly meaningful life.

These principles hold the key to a more peaceful, kind, and moral world.

In our free live weekly course sessions, you can discover and explore the breadth and depth of these Seven Principles - which correspond to the Seven Laws of Noah – ranging from their Biblical sources and history to their application in the challenges that are faced today by every individual and society.

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Upcoming Event - Unity Conference on Thursday, Oct. 29th, 7:30 PM EST

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This month's learning is dedicated for the speedy recovery of Rabbi Yehuda Dukes

חיים שניאור זלמן יהודה בן הינדא יוכבד