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Advancing Humankind to a state of 


Advancing Humankind to a state of peace, kindness and unity based on the Seven Universal Principles

Do you want a truly meaningful life, and a peaceful, kind, and moral world?

 Discover the Seven Universal Principles that were given to humankind from the beginning of time and their application today for each individual and society.

Forest Trees


Recognize the Higher Power

Enjoying Sunset


Respect the Higher Power

Boy Playing with Blocks



All Human Life


Respect Family Relationships and Marriage

Couple at Home


Respect the Property and Rights of Other People


Respect All Living Creatures



Respect and Uphold a Righteous Judicial System


Discover the 7 Principles and their impact on personal life and society.


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A thought for your week

Meditation of the week 

There are infinite worlds beyond ours and beyond the worlds of the angels, all full of divine light, beauty and oneness.

But know also that all this was brought into being with a single purpose: G‑d desires to be at home within your mundane world.

From Bringing Heaven Down to Earth 

by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman 

Creative Submission 


"Unite To Study is an important resource for people navigating the new journey of discovering the 7 Universal Principles. I value having class options and the ability to ask any question freely. I’ve received incredible insight and understanding about G-d's mission for all of humanity and encourage everyone to join. The teachers' commitment to help in such a crucial mission shines through with their unfailing dedication to communicate the various aspects of the 7 Principles in a meaningful way." 

-Julie Ann Vielbaum, UTS Member

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